Don’t complain, do!

There are two stories – along with some comments – that make for very disturbing reading and viewing.

One is a video from the National Geographic team, that was filmed in Bermuda and which can be seen in a Bernews story here.

The other is a story about the incinerator that includes some comments criticizing Greenrock that I find simply stunning (I was almost lost for words and that does not happen to me very often 🙂 !)

Watch the video – and while you are watching, remember that this was filmed (with the occasional stock frames) in Bermuda. If you don’t find it shocking and if it does not make you want to do something, well …

Here are some quotes from the story:

“During early morning shoots, we would watch plastic wash up along Bermuda’s shoreline, covered in algae with fish bites taken out of it, indicating that the plastic had been swirling in the ocean’s currents for decades.

“Witnessing the volume of trash we saw wash up on the shores during our short stay in Bermuda left a big impact on us as we imagined that this is happening in many beaches all over the world.”

The comments on the second story regarding Greenrock are typical of a malaise that seems to be shared by so many: ‘it is someone else’s job, nothing to do with me’.

There are some solutions to the issues presented here – locally I would advocate a plastic bag tax and a bottle return scheme among other things – but the most important solution lies with us.

Think before you buy – do you really need that plastic wrapper? Use consumer power to tell the shops and supermarkets that you don’t want plastic, change your habits. Re-use plastics.

Think of the legacy you are leaving your children and grandchildren – what kind of place do you want for them? You’d be lying if you said anything other than a ‘good place’. If you don’t care then you are failing your children.

Most of all – don’t think that by complaining you are achieving something. I’ve seen that kind of syndrome too often in workplaces and it only signals a long and painful decline.


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