Will the last one out please turn the lights off? For good …… updated

Is this the general consensus (excuse the pun)? I cut and pasted this from Sherri Simmons FB page. I think readers can get the gist ….

If this is the prevalent mood, will the last one out of Bermuda please turn the lights off …. for good.

Serri Simmons

3 hrs · Edited ·

No ifs, ands, or buts about it – we are at war…

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Tahir Ajamu Shawki FOR REAL!!

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Kenwood Bean ” I concur ” ……

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Tahir Ajamu Shawki We must keep in mind, WE HAVE THE POWER!!!

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Thomas Christopher Famous We have always been at war.. some got fooled by the half time shows

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Tahir Ajamu Shawki For real, Famous..

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Tahir Ajamu Shawki Enough talk!!.. Time for action!

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Rory Suber must first learn THE ART OF WAR or you will lose

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Joanne B Armstrong Time is running out enough is enough they don’t care about us etc.

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Junior Burchall with whom are we at war?

…anyone can answer.

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Makai Jevon Dickerson Only true action will change thing’s.

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Cindy Swan Fatigues. Check

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Graham Maule When the war starts, let”s see who will be the first to be Mauled!!!

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Ed Dill I agree. They don’t have constitutional knowledge or choose to ignore like they want to ignore us , the people. I’m ready for whatever.

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Thomas Christopher Famous

12 hrs ·

An open letter to Bermuda’s civil servants:

“Bermuda values and needs your services. Your jobs will be safe under an OBA Government. Our approach will be to freeze the growth of the civil service and allow it to shrink by attrition.

“Regardless of what you hear, there will be no civil service jobs cut. Period. We recognise that the task ahead will be formidable, and we will need your good will and help to tackle it.”
…Continue Reading — with Jonathan Bell and 10 others.

An open letter to Bermuda’s civil servants: “Bermuda values and needs your services. Your jobs will be safe under an OBA Government. Our approach will be to freeze the growth of the civil service and allow it to shrink by attrition. “Regardless of what you hear, there will be no civil service jobs cut. Period. We recognise that the task ahead will be formidable, and we will need your good will and help to tackle it.” “Together, we can build a better Bermuda for the people we serve. “Let’s give change a chance. Let’s work together for a Bermuda based on economic and social equity for all, leaving no one behind.” Craig Cannonier, Leader, One Bermuda Alliance, Dec 15, 2012 The OBA apparently used MP Craig Cannonier to convince Bermudian civil servants to vote for them by promising no government job cuts. What a difference an election makes. Let them eat cake. On June 6, 2014 Premier Dunkley tabled the Public Bodies Reform Act draft in the House of Assembly. When passed, this Act will be used to create a Public Bodies Reform Authority which will have the exact same remit and powers as the SAGE Commission. This legislation will also give the Public Bodies Reform Authority full power and control over:- 1 All government assets 2 All government ministries 3 All government departments 4 All government employees 5 All public bodies and quangos including the BTA, BHC, BLDC, Bermuda Monetary Authority, etc 6 All government tax revenue The End Results “Successful outsourcing and privatisation will cause, in the near-term, lower class incomes to stagnate. “Given the negative near-term impact of deficit reduction policies on lower class incomes and the economy’s inherent tendency toward greater inequality, political insensitivity to a declining share of national income going to the lower class could have dire consequences for social cohesion, the legitimacy of our democracy and the long-run stability of the Island.” Economist Craig Simmons said. Two years ago the OBA talked about “Social and Economic equity for all, leaving no one behind.” Privatisation will cause multi-generational displacement of Bermudian families with many having to leave Bermuda in order to survive socially and economically, leaving many Bermudian families behind. The OBA seemingly is only focused on allowing pathways for more and more non-Bermudians to be fully employed in Bermuda. While implementing privatisation to born Bermudians out of work. This clearly shows who they really care about. * The OBA apparently used Craig Cannonier in order to convince Bermudian Civil Servants to trust the OBA. * The OBA is about to cut Bermudian Civil Servants out of jobs. * The OBA is about to grant hundreds of non-Bermudians employment in Bermuda with no advertisement of jobs or any work permit procedures. This will effectively block qualified Bermudians from gaining employment in IB or any start-up ventures that may be tied to privatisation of Government departments. * The privatisation of our civil service will cause a further widening of social and economic inequities. Money Does Grow on Trees. Let’s take a look at the salaries of the OBA:- Michael Dunkley $207,285 Trevor Moniz $203,045 E. T. Bob Richards $177,033 Jeanne Atherden $156,864 Wayne Scott $156,864 Shawn Crockwell $156,864 Grant Gibbons $106,444 Patricia Gordon Pamplin $106,444 Michael M. Fahy $80,788 Suzann Roberts-Holshouser $69,308 Sylvan Richards Jr. $67,410 Leah Scott $67,410 N. Cole Simons $63,616 Kenneth Bascome $56,023 Nandi Outerbridge $56,023 Craig Cannonier $56,023 Glen Smith $56,023 Susan Jackson $56,023 Mark Pettingill $56,023 Jeff Sousa $56,023 Lynn Woolridge $41,792 Jeff Baron $41,792 Alexis Swan $41,792 Nalton Brangman $41,792 So between these 24 persons they are raking in $2,178,704 US Dollars or on average $90,779 US Dollars each per year. Stand up or get Stood on Bermudians clearly realize that the line in the sand has been drawn. The Government and their friends and family have lined up the carving of the Bermudian government and public assets. Bermudians must stand together and defend their rights to have a job to feed their families, or lay down and get starved out by the OBA. It is as simple as that. Bermudians can no longer trust the OBA as each OBA MP and Senator will continue to get paid on average $90,779 US Dollars after they cut Bermudians jobs. Not one of them will lose any pay. Not one. “Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

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RuthAnn Pitter United we stand!

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Jerome Johnson No matter which party is in power the facts still remain the same, the government coffers are getting low and we have to borrow money to pay peoples salaries which can’t last forever. The party is coming to an end and the fat lady is getting ready to sing. So unless we find oil off our shores we need to reduce government expenses. Pointing fingers doesn’t solve our problems.

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Yesterday at 12:40pm · St David’s ·

I just told my friend, “We are paying them to come in and fire us.”

3 seconds later, Sherri Simmons says it on the radio.

This is interesting! Meetings are not enough. They will meet with you and smile in your face. Smh
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UPDATE: Then there is this from the BTUC. Can see those Plan B’s coming off the shelf right now …..


13 thoughts on “Will the last one out please turn the lights off? For good …… updated

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  1. It’s a little thing called ‘class war’. It’s not new, it’s just gone from a cold war to a hot war in the face of a bosses offensive. I don’t see why it offends you, it’s not unique to Bermuda.

    Could it have been mitigated? Yes. But the blame for that lies not with the workers who are fighting a defensive struggle in the face of an offensive, but by the capitalists and, particularly, the OBA, who’s actions have compounded the problems. The lack of consultation, the fait accompli’s, the general arrogance, has poured gasoline onto burning embers. Why feign shock when it catches fire?

    1. I get it and it certainly does not offend me, it worries me, greatly. IMO it will have more impact in Bermuda because of its size and because of the fragility of its economy in the sense that the two things any ‘war’ will scare off is IB and tourists. It concerns that it could end up as an act of biting the hands that feed you …..

    2. Replied to wrong thread – if this was a larger country it could withstand this. But Bda is too small, too close and the companies that come here want stability above all else and an environment that is helpful to their business: tax, infrastructure, working environment, et cetc. I have been in a position to interview a lot of the top people in the years I have been here and I am convinced that they can leave at the drop of a hat if they want.
      Bermuda does not have the broad economic base to cope with that and it would be disastrous.
      It is becoming disastrous already as 5000 people have left – there is room in empty offices in Hamilton alone for 4000 people
      That speaks volumes.
      Maybe I should have titled this: Please don’t shoot yourselves in the foot……’?

      1. I hear you, but what do you expect to happen? Those being attacked simply bend over and take it?

        Our history is littered with incidents where the exploited didn’t fight back and their reward was continued humiliation. Even the struggle against segregation, in recent decades with memories still strong, was resisted by the oligarchs along the same lines – it’ll damage the economy, desegregation will scare off tourists and capital, the fight for desegregation will scare off tourists and capital.

        Should our people have sat back and let injustice continue, for the sake of ‘stability’, a stability from which only the oligarchs profit while the rest of us sink deeper into misery?

        I’d rather fight for justice, even if it’s to defend what crumbs we already have. And I’m not going to criticise fellow workers mounting a defensive action against an offensive of the oligarchs, local or other. Passively being exploited – being ‘polite’ – has proven to be a tool of exploitation; it just lets the oligarchs to reinforce their exploitative relations.

  2. The problem with middle ground for many, is that it suggests compromise. And as we all know, the problem with the outcomes of compromise, is that everyone loses something.

    Right now, the two sides are not recognising the need to compromise. It’s in the language of the Unions, it’s in the arrogance of the OBA commentary and response.

    Whilst I understand Jonathan’s point about “fighting for the crumbs that are left”, that leads nowhere that is positive. There is no positive outcome from taking that road.

    Much as I am not sure that compromise will deliver what the island needs, given the fragility of where we have been left economically, someone needs to find that middle road – and reasonably quickly too.

    A fight will not have a happy outcome.

    1. Which is the issue IMO, there is, I think, an urgency about this that Bda has not seen before. We can that issues such as segregation were not dealt with in the urgency required but this is different, this is not social it is economic and while Bda has reinvented itself before, it has never had to do so against the backdrop that we now face …

  3. The unions have led the way in trying to achieve a compromise. They took wage freezes and furlough days – and their reward for it has been a lack of consultation, threats to their existence and workers rights and now an aggressive push for privatisation.

    The unions have articulated alternatives and laid out the basis for a resolution. It’s the continued intransigence of the oligarchs and their ideological project that is provoking them to more militant rhetoric.

    If you want to help pull things back, then call on the oligarchs and their Government to pull back and approach things more positively.

    1. we will have to agree to disagree here – as a businessman, father person who is meant to contribute financially to my family when i see the future of the island in the balance ….. i see it totally differently

      1. No one’s disputing the future’s in the balance. The dispute is what’s the best way forward.

        The approach by the OBA is countter-productive. The Unions have put forward alternatives.

        That’s what the fight is over.

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