Number Ten: Updated millions of times and no-one gives a fuck

Number 10 – a statistic.

Number 10 – the number of people who have died on our roads this year. In that time there have been how many murders?

But of course, the person who died after a road crash deserves to be more than just a statistic. He was a partner, a brother, a friend, a son, a father perhaps.


In July the Police said they would be launching a road safety campaign but I don’t recall yet seeing the details, does anyone else?

Ministers have promised legislation and police will get breath testing powers at last, but all that will take time to enact and even longer for it to have an impact.

I have written about this subject on many occasions – breath testing, police campaigns and road safety legislation are a start but they will not go far enough.

The issue of speed and drinking and driving must be made to be socially unacceptable as does the issue of dangerous driving. Education must start at an early age, simple measures to control speed and to cut out accident blackspots must be done now.

As I have said before, if there had been ten murders there would be a national outcry, there would be calls to bring in the FBI or Scotland Yard. So why the difference now? Talk is cheap, action must be taken.

UPDATE: This was sent to my LinkedIn site – worth wathing.

UPDATE: 10.38am and the story does not even figure on the RG’s top ten most read on its website….. says much.

UPDATE: 12.43pm and ‘Emergency Street dig-up’ has more readers on the RG website than a man who died in a crash, which still does not feature in the top ten …..


UPDATE: 6.25pm – story still not in the RG website top ten even though the victim has been named…..

I can only assume by the last update that we are incredibly desensitized – that is a bad place to be, that means we simply have ceased to care and that it has become a common occurrence. It is very difficult to make a comeback from the depths …..

UPDATE: 8.29pm (a full 12 hours after it was posted on the RG website) the story makes the top ten – but only because people want to know who the victim was, as the story names him ….. wft???!!!

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  1. We had some hit our wall a few years ago on Good Friday & he died a few hours later . . . A combo alcohol consumed at a party, speed (overtaking his mates) & not having his helmet done up that it went over the wall & into the trees. One of Policeman assigned to that accident made a comment that senseless accidents like this one, should be treated just seriously as getting control of the shootings. I would love to know the statistics of what size motorcycles are being driven at the time of the fatality & if there has been an increase in accidents since the increase in cc size? Also perhaps medical insurance polices should be higher for those that drive over 50cc bike, as they are more likely to end up in hospital as they are generally the ones that speed, therefore, increasing their chances for an accident? Also I do believe it is time for speed cameras in our island as they are deterrent & some how educating people (as they do in the UK) that it is not cool to drink & drive as my fellow Bermudians (all sexes, races & social classes) have yet to learn that!

    1. Speed cameras, more roundabouts, more traffic lights, more police on the roads, better incentives not to break the law, better enforcement, better use of the law when it comes to sentencing, more speed bumps, more education at an early age, mandatory AA meetings for DWI, etc etc etc etc ……

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