My pet hates

Are, in no particular order:

1. The words ‘awesome’ and ‘my bad’. Don’t know why, but they irritate the hell out of me.

2. Packed lunches. Ask any working parent …. ’nuff said.

3. Double parking on Front Street at 5.15pm. Nuff said.

4. People who take up two parking bays. Lazy, bad driving and bloody inconsiderate. How many times have you been searching for a space only to see one idiot parked across two?

5. Politicians. OK, unfair to group them all together. There are some decent ones but at the moment I have lost the faith.

6. Cyclists who cycle three abreast, chatting….. move over! (also see number 9)

7. HSBC charging me, a Butterfield bank person, to withdraw cash from their ATMs. Does Butterfield do the same? Whatever…. this practice went out in the dark ages, guys!

8. People who don’t look behind them when they go through a door to see if someone is following them. Rude and thoughtless.

9. People who exhibit zero spacial awareness and just GET IN YOUR WAY!

10. People who overtake you and then never get any further…. get a life or a bigger d**k

11. Anyone who shows their bum cracks. Really?

12. Those people who think they are being so good by putting their trash in your trash. They forget that someone has to pick it out to bag it up. Thanks. Someone left a tripod next to my trash can outside. WTF?

13. Anyone who buys me/gives me new gadgets. Inside, your just laughing at me, aren’t you?

14. Silly sayings posted on Twitter. They may make you feel better, but don’t bother anyone else with them.

15. Not getting what I pay for when I buy my internet service, and then being told it will cost me more to get what I already thought I was paying for. Go figure.

16. Bar people who hand me change in two and one dollar bills instead of a five dollar bill. Guarantees no tip.

17. My wife, for getting her hands on my tool box, so to speak. Cannot find a damned thing. Women: hands off men’s tool boxes, OK? (LUV YA LOTS AND LOTS REALLY SWEETIE!)

18. Fickle football (soccer) fans. Money can’t buy you love.

19. Vegetables sold in cellophane wrapping. What is wrong with a paper bag? Sweets sold at eye level at check-outs – ask a parent.

20. My need to get a life……………………………..

Tell me yours…..













6 thoughts on “My pet hates

Add yours

  1. Agree with yours, particularly “my bad”.. however having grown up in California and South Florida, “Awesome” is just one of my ‘go to’ words! 🙂 I would add: the “highly unfair” decision to put the horrible yellow cap locks on your wheels and charge you $100 when you’re maybe five minutes late in the City of Hamilton parking lots! Just not right, however that it is my opinion! And yes to the bank question… they even charge you to breathe!

  2. Dear Jeremy, on behalf of wives everywhere, I have to tell you that if you actually “fixed” things the first time, she wouldn’t need to “touch” your tools, ie fix it herself later…

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